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Sound Cards


Sound cards can bring such realism to running trains in the garden. The Mylocosound sound cards are very small and easily fit into the smallest Gauge 1 locomotives. Other accessories help to bring your battery powered locos to life! Some people even fit steam sound cards to live steam locos!

Available in both steam sound and diesel. Both are generic electronic generated sounds. The steam card has a very realistic steam chuff sound and a superb whistle. The diesel card has single and two tone horns. By adjusting jumpers, the cards can be pre-programmed for American or European whistles and horns. Even Bells! The speed, volume, and tone of the sounds are all adjustable.

Steam Listen to this ;-
Diesel Listen to this;-

Mylocosound Steam Sound Card
Mylocosound Diesel Sound Card

Simple and inexpensive sound cards for two tone British horns. Activated by radio control with a PicoSwitch, or manually with a push button. They can also be activated by a magnet placed on the track via reed switch.

Diesel two tone horn card 

We supply a large range of speakers to suit everyone''s needs. The quality and volume of sound depends greatly on how the open speakers are mounted. The Lap Top speaker has a built in sound box, which is just the right size to fit between the frames of a Gauge 1 locomotive. All speakers are 8ohm to match the needs of the sound cards.

40 x 10mm speaker   
50 x 17mm Speaker  
50 x 25mm speaker
Lap top speaker      

Many other accessories are available such as the PicoSwitch to activate the whistles and horns on the sound cards from a standard radio controlled receiver.

Reed switches and magnets, and manually operated push switches are all available. 

Please phone Fosworks on 01254 814675 to order, or email You can pay by credit or debit card, cheque, or bank transfer. Please remember post and packing. Overseas buyers welcome.