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Batteries Chargers



We stock a large range of ready made rechargeable NiMH battery packs. They have been especially made to fit in all those interesting places on a battery powered locomotive. Please see the price list for details.


Special custom packs can be made up to suit your exact needs. Only top quality high capacity NiMH batteries and Low loss NiMH batteries are used in our battery packs. Most are fitted with a built in fuse and BEC red mini plug for easy installation.


Please phone for a quote to make a battery pack especially for you in any size and cell makeup



We still stock an extensive range of black plastic spring clip snap-in battery boxes for use with separate AA cells. Please phone for quotes. 01603 260562



We have battery chargers to suit you every need. Just phone for a quote. We have standard non-regulated chargers, Adjustable voltage chargers, Lead Acid battery chargers, and the intelligent Smart Chargers. All are fitted with a 2.1mm co-axial male charging plug with a positive centre pin( R/C standard)


Vari-Charger 2 - 12 volt, (2 to 10 Cells) 300mA  Manually Regulated.

Smart Charger 2 - 12. Intelligent charger. ( 2 to 12 cells) 500mA

Smart Charger 14 - 20. Intelligent charger. ( 14 to 20 cells) 500mA

Lead Acid charger  Switchable 6-12 volt with crocodile clips


Please phone Fosworks on 01254 814675 to order, or email You can pay by credit or debit card, cheque, or bank transfer. Please remember post and packing. Overseas buyers welcome.