Peter Spoerer Model Engineers

Motors & Wheels


Our range of motors and wheels are made for Gauge 1 operation only, and are to G1MRA wheel standards. All are motors are supplied with built in gear boxes. The wheel sets supplied with the motors vary according to the motor.

The Budget Motor is exactly what is says it is. An inexpensive motor and gearbox with wheels. You also get an additional matching wheel set. Ideal for trams, small shunting diesels, and low powered operations. 0-8 Volts. 34mm diameter plastic insulated wheels.

Perfect for installing into power bogies of quality Diesels, DMUs, and trams etc. Nose hung just like the real thing, comes with a traction mounting bracket. Can be installed in pairs (BO BO) and threes (Co Co). The Fosmotor is supplied in two different wheel sizes of you choice 30.8mm and 34.4mm. They are made of steel and they are the G1MRA standard wagon and Carriage wheel sizes. 0-12v

We supply a range of four different styles of wheels set. All in strong durable plastic, they are fully insulated. The bearing surface is 3mm diameter steel journal. All cut to G1MRA standards.

1. Plane Disc.
2. Three hole Disc.
3. Ribbed disc
4. Ten spoke

Please phone Fosworks on 01254 814675 to order, or email You can pay by credit or debit card, cheque, or bank transfer. Please remember post and packing. Overseas buyers welcome.